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Even in light of a pandemic, Judge Cohoon maintained courtroom efficiency by quickly pivoting to an online presence which was run simultaneously on YouTube to maintain an open courtroom. As soon as courts were reopened, Judge Cohoon was the first in the judicial region to get back on the bench by hosting the first in-person jury trial.


A judge is to maintain the highest level of integrity and independence; acting without fear or favor. Adherence to this responsibility helps to maintain public confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary. Judge Cohoon has built a reputation of impartiality and independence in dispensing justice to all that appear that appear before her in the courtroom.


A judge is to deliver justice for all: giving everyone the fair day in court they deserve and ruling impartially based on the law, never imposing personal or political views in the courtroom to reach a desired result. Since taking office, Judge Cohoon has been administering justice in Kendall County and upholding the Texas and United States Constitutions.


Meaningful transparency leads to greater accountability. Since taking office, I have made the 451st Judicial District Court’s Calendar open to the public. During the pandemic, Judge Cohoon began hosting virtual proceedings on YouTube in order to keep the Court and her work open to the public. Judge Cohoon continues to provide updates to local organizations as to the operations of the court and is committed to maintaining the transparency of the Court.

some statistics

Even in the face a pandemic that shuttered courts across the country, the 451st District Court continued to post positive clearance rates on all docket measures:

Civil Cases
Criminal Cases
Family Cases
Juvenile Cases

Keep District Judge Kirsten Cohoon so that she can continue the hard work she started in January 2019.

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